Monday, 12 August 2013

What Does Location Independence Mean to me and Can I do it?

Day 4 (okay it's my second post today but remember I'm catching up it is actually day 7 - soon I will be caught up and you will only see one post per day) of the 30 day blog challenge.

A Waterfall on the Road to Dawson Creek
Location Independence!  Well, that's quite a concept and certainly one that is very possible in the digital age.  You need to have either great wealth or great ideas, initiative and great discipline in order to become truly location independent.

For me, location independence means the ability to earn a living from anywhere in the world.  Even if that anywhere is right here in my back  yard.  It also means the ability to pack up and go at a moments notice if I need to.

Can I do it?  Yes, I think I can.  I would have to make a few changes in order to do so, and would certainly have to have my business plan all mapped out.  The biggest challenge for me would be to rid myself of the daily trappings that surround me.  You know, things like my nice car and all my clothes and all my shoes.  Oh my goodness, what will I do without all my shoes?  Seriously though, if my business is fully online and has been well set up, the amount of times I need to wear my fancy clothes to sit in front of a client would be few and far between.  So really I could get away with one good suit.  Couldn't I??

Sundance Guest Ranch 2007
As you can tell from the photographs in this blog I am comfortable in many different locations and could quite easily set my schedule so that I have my defined work hours and my defined "play" hours.  With my background in technology (starting in 1991 all the way until 1999 and then again from 2007 until 2009) I have a strong skill set for setting up web based products and know many resources I can reach out to when the task is beyond the scope of my ability.

What I need to do is to find my niche.  Find out what it is that will work for me and for my followers.  That may take some time, but I have the time.  I know my work and influence in the past fifteen months has been in the arena of cancer treatment and recovery and perhaps there is still a lot I can do there, at this point I am still working on that.  I also believe that I have a lot of other knowledge to share, it is just a matter of packaging it and making it work.

I had lunch with a friend the other day who had a great suggestion for me which involves writing, something I love doing and seem to be rather good at, so I am going to consider that quite seriously.

St. Thomas 2008
Anyway, I am off track, the point here was "Can I do location independence?"  I think I can.  I know I have the discipline, the skills and the drive.  I just have to solidify my plan.

I'm totally open to suggestions.  So, here is my call to action for you my friends and followers.  You know me, what would you do if you were me?  Remember, this is the me that has just had the worst year of her life (dealing with my illness and the death of my mother and brother), and even though I have ALWAYS lived life to its fullest, I am even more driven to do so now.  I have always been a calculated risk taker and that hasn't changed, so what do you think?  If you had my background and experience, what would you do?  Present me with some ideas and challenges.  I am all ears.

That's it for today, I'm off to Vancouver now to go and meet an old friend and go running with The Hash House Harriers.

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