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If I Could do ANYTHING!

Day 2 (I started a little late so there will be 2 posts a day for the first 4 days) of the thirty-day Blog challenge asks the following question.

If you woke up tomorrow and were free to do anything you wanted with your life, what would you do and who would you be?

Boy I'm up for this one.  Here is my answer.  I know, I know, I dream big!
Me just as my hair was growing back from the bad chemo.
If I could go through that I can do ANYTHING!
Photograph © Gadbois Photography

If I woke up tomorrow and I were free to do anything with my life this is what I would chose.  I would pack up my family and start travelling.  In order to do this a few things would have to be in place.  I would need to bring along a great teacher to educate my children during the months we are away from their schooling here so they don't miss out on their education.  I would need to get my dog sorted out to someone who is willing to love him during the time we are away.

Those, however are just logistics......

I would fly to Hawaii (Maui) first (funny, I'm going there soon).  We would find a nice place on the beach that was close to the airport (so that my husband can fly back and forth to work), a place that had WiFi (so I can continue to write and produce books and blogs that my followers want), and a place that had room for the four of us to live comfortably for a month.  We would spend the month exploring the island (with side trips to the other islands), and I would spend the early mornings (while my children are being home schooled) and evenings recording my experiences on this blog and on my travel blog that is still under construction.  I would spend some time each day working on my two new books that I expect to be published in 2014, but mostly I would spend time enjoying my family.

Me and my amazing children
After a month in Hawaii, we would head off to Philippines and rent a cabin near the water on one of the local beaches.  By this time, my husband may be working again in Australia so it wouldn't be too far away for him.  The children and I would travel the country, learn about the Filipino culture, enjoy amazing Filipino food and of course I would continue my writing and them their schooling.  During this second month abroad I would be working on creating some short educational products (perhaps in keeping with The Cancer Warrior Handbook, perhaps teaching others how to set up their own Warrior Bag Program for giving back, perhaps helping others set up and grow their blogs) and make them available via download from my blog page.  I would of course continue my work on the two books and my travel blog (which I hope to launch in early 2014).

With Waldo during heavy chemo.  He was my buddy!
The third month we would spend island hopping in the South Pacific, Fiji, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu, ending our journey in Sydney to meet my husband for Christmas.  After Christmas the children would go back to Canada to spend the second term of school with their Dad and my husband and I would continue on with our travels, me working online on my computer from cafe's, beaches and swimming pools and him flying to and from his work when he is needed on shift.  We would travel through Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Cairns, Brisbane and back to Sydney.

This should take at least two months and I will have lots of time on my own to finish off at least one of the two books so that when I am back in Sydney I will publish it and continue on the rest of my life journey.

Next country.........South Africa.  Now since I was born and grew up in South Africa there would be so many places for me to visit and old friends and family to catch up with.  I would enjoy showing my husband this incredible part of the world and reconnecting with my past.  A month into our South African excursion I would have the kids sent down (during their two week spring break) and take them on a safari.  Bleeep........ Bleeep......before you say it, let me stop you here.  Remember, this is in answer to the question "If I Could do Anything".  So really, if I "could" do "anything", then money is no object, so of course I could afford to fly the kids down for a two week African Safari right! :-)

This is the life.  I will do this more often.

I think by now you can see a common theme here in my dream life and dream way of supporting that life.  Travelling, writing, blogging and travelling some more.  So.....that would be my wish come true, my answer to how I would live the rest of my life.  I want to see the world, enjoy all the sights, sounds, foods, smells and the many many beaches.  While my children are still young they can benefit greatly from getting an education like this (six months travelling with mum and six months back home with dad).

So don't call me nuts.... we are all allowed to dream.  I chose to dream big and to somehow put the pieces together to achieve that dream.  I know it won't be tomorrow, but who says it cannot be five or ten years from now?

Keep on Dreaming!

Thanks for reading.

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