Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Coolest Gadgets

Day # 9 and I'm up to date, so only one post per day moving forward in the 30 day blog challenge.

I am so glad to be up to date because I felt bad inundating you with two post per day, so for those of you who put up with it and read them, thank you!

Today's Blog assignment was to write about whose online business I admire the most and why.  I took some time to think about this and no matter how long I thought about it, I kept coming back to the same answer......... you're going to call me a geek forever after this, I just know it. favourite online businesses are.............
Pool Courtesy Craigslist.  Dog just along for the ride.

Craigslist is for me number one.  Shocking right!  Such a plain and ordinary sight, no bling (I LOVE da BLING!), no bada boom, just basic white screen with text.  Oh but is that text goooooooood.  I have found some pretty amazing finds on Craigslist and I have sold most of my junk on Craigslist.  So really I should credit Craigslist for transforming my life right?  I mean my entire swimming pool, including the pool, solar heater, pumps, filters etc was purchased on Craigslist for 10% of what I would have paid retail.  So far I have had two solid years of use out of them and hope to get many more.

The best thing about Craigslist is that there is no advertising.  So, doesn't that make you wonder how they make money?  Did you know, they have actually turned down banner ads etc. even though it will make them millions?  It's true, at this point, they don't want to change the integrity of the site, so they will not allow advertising on the site.  They do however make money in a few ways.  They charge for job postings in certain US cities as well as charging for apartment listings in New York City.  Plus, Ebay bought 25% of them.  So, although they do make some money, enough to cover the expenses and then some, they aren't in the business of making their site ad crazy in order to do so.  Kudo's to them.

Now let me tell you about my second favourite online business/site.  It is  even the name excites me.  I know, I'm a total nerd.  Seriously though, you have to check this place out.    Here are just a couple of the cool things they have there.
My run away dog.  He needs the GPS gadget.

1. A super cute front door safety device.
2. Find your kids, dog, car etc. where ever they are.
3. An awesome waterproof speaker to play your rockin' tunes directly from your iPhone!


I know I'm a total techno geek, but I love this stuff.  So...the question is does this site make money.  Yes, it does and quite a bit of it.  If you have checked out any of the links I posted above, you will have noticed advertising banners. This site uses Ads as their main source of income and they bring in just over $40,000.00 per month.  That is around $480,000.00 per year.  Is that enough income for you?  So, yes, not only do I LOVE what they have to offer, but I love that they are also making an amazing amount of money doing it.

Something to aspire to.

Thanks for checking in.....

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