Friday, 30 August 2013

Getting the work done.

The four key skills to master to be location independent

According to the master Natalie Sisson they are:
  • Productivity
  • Staying healthy
  • Keeping up with clients
  • Keeping in touch with your network
I've got Productivity down to a fine art.  Not much tweaking needed there.  Keeping up with clients - check!  Keeping in touch with my network - yup, pretty much got that one dialed.  So.......where can I improve....definitely in the staying healthy area.

Since my diagnosis I don't work out as much as I used to.  I still walk or bike about 3-4km per day, but I'm not doing much cardio and very little resistance training, so I certainly need to get better there.  The other area where I'm not so healthy is in what I eat.  I'm careful to take my Vitasprint and other supplements daily, but I'm not the greatest at eating fruit and vegetables unless they are nicely prepared for me.  I hate fruit dripping down my hands.  So if I am to be fully ready I will need to work on my diet and maybe even cut back a little on the wine (what do you think girls?).  

I am super jet-lagged and still have a lot to get done today, so this post is short and sweet.  I'll end it with a photo to make it more interesting.   Until next time Aloha!


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