Saturday, 17 August 2013

Your Shirt is on Backwards

Day 12 in the 30 day Blog Challenge.

Driving to get the kids so we can
go to Maui!
Today we had to write about our USP, which in my past meant Unique Selling Proposition.  In Natalie's world it means Unique Special Proposition or in simple terms, what is unique about me.  Why would people read what I write, what is it that I have to offer that others don't or that I may do better than others.  In a world where there are over 160 million blogs, one needs to stand out in some way, at least to your target audience - that would be a good idea wouldn't it.

So, to help me answer this question, I reached out to a few good friends and asked them some simple questions.  Things like what they find remarkable about me (if anything LOL), what am I better at than anyone else, what am I providing that others don't and what is it in my personality that you really like.

On our way to Maui
testing out location independence
The biggest answer that came back was my ability to be direct and brutally honest, even it the topic being discussed was a difficult one.  The fact that I am driven, persistent and able to reinvent myself if the situation called for it.   Also mentioned a couple of times was that I am able to do and say things that others are too reserved to explore.  The feedback that I got was pretty amazing and really showed that I had a powerful personality that was not afraid to take risks and that I had the ability to inspire and motivate people.  Wow!

So, as I wander into this unknown (okay perhaps not totally unknown, I have been blogging for 15 months now) world of online, location independent living I can do so knowing I am certainly armed with a drive to succeed (that is proven and known), an ability to share candidly and write about even the most difficult subjects, persistent, and skilled and reinventing myself should the situation call for it.
Being location independent
at YVR

Frankly I don't see any barriers here.  Do you?  If so, please do me the courtesy of sharing them with me so I can learn.  Oh, and if the title of this blog still doesn't make sense to you, please ask.  I'm happy
to explain. LOL!
Three workers.
Have a great night!

We are off to Maui!

Michelle & Family!


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