Thursday, 15 August 2013

If I had a Million Dollars I'd buy you a..........

Day 10 in the 30 day blog challenge.  I'm so glad to be up to date with this amazing learning experience.  Natalie has really pushed me to go out side of my comfort zone in some of these posts.  She has encouraged me to dig deep into my passions, explore and understand my strengths and weaknesses and look around to see who is doing well in the areas I am looking at exploring and learning from them.

My Passions..... 

Well, they probably aren't unique, many people probably dream about these things.  I plan on making them a reality.

* Travelling
* Writing
* Enjoying amazing food and great wine
* Biking and listening to music

Making my Passions a reality.....

That my friends is the ultimate challenge.  Yes, I can certainly enjoy all of those in limited amount with my current career at Sun Life.  I love what I do there and am in no rush to leave.  However, thinking ahead to my later years, I will need to have a good income stream in order to achieve my dreams.  This income needs to be web based to achieve my dream of travelling and living anywhere.  So, you are asking, how does one make money online?

Making money online......

There are three ways to do this.  Some companies use all three methods, some use only one or a combination of two.  

* Create my own product/service that solves problems
* Sell other people's products
* Allow other people to advertise on my site

My venture will cover all three of these.  

Firstly I will, over the next few years create some digital product (like The Cancer Warrior Handbook and my own story "The Year I Died").  As well as creating some sales and marketing eBooks.

Second, I will have a techno geek section on my site that talks about new techy gadgets that I like.  As an early adopter I love finding the latest and greatest gadget and end up buying and trying them all.  I might as well work with the suppliers to get a percentage of every sale that comes their way via my blog page.
Dreaming on Princess Cruises

Finally, part of my next venture involves reviewing and referral of certain businesses (not giving anything away yet).  As my readership grows, I will approach these business to place advertising on my site.  Not banner ads or anything in your face and ugly.  Nice, non aggressive well placed ads.

So will this bring me a million dollars?  Probably not, but I would still buy "all the fanciest dijon ketchups" (if you don't get that line, well then you're way younger than I is a link to the song "If I had a Million Dollars" by the Barenaked Ladies)

Or check out this video....

That's all for now folks.....I'm off to dream about my tree-fort in my yard.


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Nancy Hamilton said...

Bravo Michelle. You rock! I'd still eat Kraft Dinner ;)

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