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Feast at Lele a true Hawaiian Luau

Rocking the Hawaiian Luau

One thing not to be missed on a trip to Maui is to attend a traditional Hawaiian Luau.  There are a few
options when it comes to Luau's so you need to consider what you like and don't like before choosing yours.  Here is a list of a few of the companies that offer Luau's.

Old Lahaina Luau
The Royal Lahaina Luau
Kaanapali Sunset Luau at Black Rock
Feast at Lele

We chose The Feast at Lele for a couple of reasons.  First it is a smaller Luau, 140 persons maximum (some of the others have up to 500 people), second we have our own table and do not have to share a table with others, third it is NOT a buffet.  There are four main courses, plus and appetizer and desert.

Our Waiter
When you arrive you are greeted with traditional Hawaiian music, a cocktail and a lovely Lei.  Then you are escorted to your private table where a Polynesian appetizer of banana, taro and sweet potato chips awaits you.

The show starts as the sun begins to set.  The first dancers and food course is from Hawaii and is fantastic.  Kalua pork (similar to pulled pork although much more decedent), a fresh fish dish and a heart of palms salad.  All amazing, my favourite was the fish, it was soft and moist and melted in your mouth.

The second course is from New Zealand and had a great
Maori fishcake with mussels, salmon and scallops and a duck salad.  The dancers perform a traditional New Zealand dance and our amazing waiter kept our drinks fresh and the kids happy.

Course number three is from Tahiti.  My favourite of this course was the steamed chicken in coconut milk.  Although the marinated fish and scallop was quite unique.

Finally for our last course we visit Samoa and enjoy some fun dancing with drums.  This course was grilled steak which was a hit with everyone, along with baked breadfruit and a shrimp and avocado side.  Delicious.  By this point I was stuffed!

The Samoan fire knife dance takes place during this course and not only is it stunning, but it looks so much more so because of the way the flames fly around against the dark ocean background.

Before we leave we are served a delicious desert, and Kate got to try Dragon Fruit (she'd been asking us to buy it every day).  Needless to say she didn't like it.

So that was it.  Three hours, six courses (if you include the appetizer and desert portions), lots of great entertainment and free flowing cocktails all right there by the ocean.  What a spectacular evening.

I highly recommend you contact Feast at Lele for your Luau when you are next in Maui.


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