Monday, 26 August 2013

Ugh....I hate Cane Spiders and a great Tiki Bar.

Another Spider Incident

Dinner Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing
Early today we drove into Kihei to have lunch and check out the beach.  For lunch we went to Moose McGillycuddy's.  It is right on the main road overlooking the ocean.  The restaurant was clean and well laid out.  They had a large menu selection and the prices were reasonable.  Kate and Wade both had Hawaiian French Toast.  Ben outdid himself by ordering a cheeseburger with nothing but ketchup and I had the dinner salad with Blue Cheese dressing.  Everything was fresh and delicious and our server Joshua was friendly and attentive.  This is a great lunch spot and looked like it would be a fun hangout for later cocktails.  
Hawaiian French Toast

After lunch Wade went to have some beer at one of the local beach bars and the kids and I went exploring.  First they took me to the place they stayed at last time Kamaole Sands, then to the beach they hung out at Kamaole Beach Park III.  It was as we were pulling out of the Kamaole Sands complex that the fun started.  Ben noticed a huge Cane Spider on the passenger side window.  I caught a glimpse of it as it ran up the window and on to the convertible roof.  We drove to the beach parking lot and I rolled down my window to ask someone if they were leaving (to see if we could get their spot), but they were not.  The kids freaked out suggesting I close the window so the spider would not get it.  There was no way it would still be on the car.  We had driven a block at 30mph and I was sure it was gone.  However, to oblige them I rolled up my window, then seconds later I see this huge and I mean huge, massive, mega, humungous, spider on my door inches from my left knee.  I flipped a lid. 

I pulled the car over into a wheelchair spot and we all screamed as we flew out of the car.  The spider in complete shock ran into the cubby in my door.  Holy Kamaole!  I had to get some strangers to rescue us, we looked and looked and could not see the spider in the cubby, but I knew it was there, so the guy put his hand in and out the thing jumped, literally right up and into the air.  I don't know if it is still in the car or if it jumped out onto the road.  So I am very nervous now each time I am in the car.  Those damn spiders are gross!

After a swim in the ocean and a nice relax on Kamaole Beach III we headed down the street to meet Wade.  Had a cold drink and nachos at the South Shore Tiki Lounge.  This place was fun and funky.  I'd love to spend more time there but it is a good twenty-five minute drive from our Condo and Maui is very strict about their drinking and driving laws.  

The best part of this day for Kate was when Wade bought her a Penny Board.  Can you say "Happy Camper".


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