Sunday, 25 August 2013

Day 20 in the 30 day Blog Challenge - Tools, Tools and more cool Tools

30 day challengeThis is just a short post in response to the task requesting which tools will I use on my blog.

I'm such a techie freak and would love to use every possible tool on my site, but know that would be just crazy.  So for now I'll limit it to a few that I know and a few that I'm going to bring on board as I develop.

The most obvious tool for me is a landing page (from Leadpages) for each of my product offerings as e-Junkie to be able to offer my digital products directly from my page.
Another shot from yesterdays bike ride
well as a tool for collecting email address to keep in touch with my readers.  I am in the process of implementing

Finally, I have been using PayPal for years and will continue to use it for my eCommerce.

So, pretty easy post today.  I am totally psyched to try other tools such as Mailchimp, but need time to explore them all.

I'm off to enjoy the surf and sun in Kihei.

Have a great day.

Tonight I will blog about The Feast at Lele that we went to last night.

Bye for now,


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