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Praise for "THE YEAR I DIED":

I'm speechless.  It's a gut wrenching tale of an incredible fight for survival.  Suffice to say, the story had me laughing, and crying and smiling and crying and laughing and crying...…Michelle has an incredible ability to put into words her thoughts, her feelings, her fears, her highs and lows.  Why has it taken so long for her to write?"  R. Chambers, BC, Canada

"This story was an incredible surprise.  I was expecting a light story about the authors life.  After chapter four I found I could not put it down and was shocked by each new revelation.  Far more than I expected."  
D. Edwards, London, England

"This is a true story about one persons amazing ability to overcome some of the hardest challenges in life.  I could not put it down.  The two unforeseen events had me floored and I almost could not continue.  Everyone should read this book, if for nothing else than to learn how humour, strength and love can keep you going no matter what the hell it is you are living."  JLC, BC Canada

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