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Please note my blog page has moved to Wordpress, you can find me on: WWW.PAMMENTERYOUNG.COM (You must clear anything else that pops up after that - like or for it to go to the correct site.  If you see a RED BANNER, then you know you are on the correct new site.)

cover design ©Gadbois Photography
I am pleased to announce the release of my book:


Now available via my eStore at (password "buynow")

Arriving on or any of the Amazon European sites by March 20th.  

The book is also available as an an eBook for Kindle

The iTunes ebook will follow shortly.

Alternatively you can order a personalized signed copy directly through this site.

This is an incredible, true story of one woman's fight to survive a year of horrific, life changing events.

Michelle has many reasons to be happy.  She has a great marriage, two wonderful children and a successful career. Then one sunny summer day she gets the news that she has a serious, life threatening cancer.  Her treatments are so intense that she needs to stop working in order to get through them and give her body a fighting chance.  Just when Michelle is mentally coming to grips with her diagnosis, she is struck by not one, but two devastating tragedies that cause her to spiral into the depths of despair.  This is a gut wrenching, funny, heart-breaking story of Michelle's fight through illness, shock and grief to get her life back and find a new normal.

If you are purchasing from the Createspace eStore be sure to email me for a discount code.  The first fifty copies purchased will be eligible for a $5.00 discount off the retail price of the book.  Don't forget the password for this site is "buynow".

To order your personalized signed copy please click on the "Buy the Book" tab at the top of the page.  In the notes field please be sure to let me know who I am signing the book for.

photograph ©Gadbois Photography

About the author:

Michelle Pammenter Young is a financial advisor turned writer and cancer warrior.  This is her first novel and is an actual account of her harrowing journey.  Michelle grew up in South Africa and now lives in British Columbia, Canada with her husband, two children, a cat and a dog named Waldo.


ashley said...

YAY Michelle! Good for you. Love the cover shot and your headshot photo is stunning. xoxox

Unknown said...

Thanks Ashley, I'm so thrilled to have this book out so it can be a resource to others. Oh and thanks for the complement on my headshot. Really it is the talent of Pascale from Gadbois Photography that we need to credit.

Jean Goldie said...

Congratulations Michelle! Love the cover!

Unknown said...

Thank you Jean. If you cannot order from SA, let me know and I'll send you a copy. I was thinking of you the other day. Remember when we slept on the floor in your little flat in Jo'burg? So so long ago. did you know my house on Cambridge Road is all gone now :-( So sad. Keep on trucking my old friend. I plan on making a trip back to SA in 2014 to show my family my roots and heritage. It is all a matter of saving for the holiday. I'm putting it out to the universe that this will be. I must come full circle to the land of my birth. :-)

Unknown said...

LOVE the front cover of your book, its refreshing and makes me think of the freedom one felt in youth before life got too complicated and heavy. Im happy to say that I too climbed out of the chains that held me in place and decided to take the path less travelled into finding my authentic self and being free to really be me again! trooper on and thanks for sharing.

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