Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The long and Winding Road

Enjoying Coconut Water
Today we did the road to Hana. Okay, not the complete road to Hana as we didn't have enough time and I get pretty carsick so we opted to go only part of the way. We had a hoot though.

Our first stop on the way was Twin Falls. It is at the mile two marker and you walk about a mile or so in off the road. One of the most amazing things about this part of Maui is the vegetation, so I took lots of photographs along the way. The walk is a relatively easy one, and quiet near the beginning you will pass a small pool and a cliff you can jump from. Keep going, you can see this on your way back down. About another five minutes later you will get to the Twin Falls.
Shannon Falls

Now, these are very tiny waterfalls, nothing like Shannon Falls which are a ten minute drive from
where we live, however, you won't catch me swimming in Shannon Falls, way too cold for me.  The Twin Falls are tiny and in the middle of them there are two streams of water that follow a rock down (like a stalactite) and therefore the water coming down these two streams is very warm.

The kids and I had a blast swimming out and under the waterfalls.  It was especially cool behind them.  Then afterwards we walked back down to the first water hole where we spent some time jumping off the cliffs.

I highly recommend a stop at Twin Falls, although do come early because it can get quite busy.

Huelo Lookout
The second stop we did on the road to Hana was at Huelo Lookout where we had crepes, smoothies and enjoyed the wonderful view of the ocean.  A great little lunch spot on the road to Hana.

Our final spot was the Ho'okipa Beach Park.  A great surf and windsurf spot with lots of turtles and a little bit of a sandy beach to hangout and swim from.

Even though we didn't do the entire thing, I do recommend the road to Hana, if you get carsick, it is a good idea to take some Gravol.

Here are some great photos for you to enjoy from the Hana Highway.


Twin Falls

Huelo Lookout


Now, I'm getting ready to go out for a Sunset Dinner Cruise which I will write about tomorrow.


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