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You tell me, where should I go to on my next trip?

Living a Minimalist Lifestyle
The view from our room in Huatulco

Day 26 in the 30 day blog challenge

Could I live a minimalist lifestyle?  I guess part of that depends on my definition of minimalist.  There are certain things (as I wrote about in this blog post) that I cannot do without, most of which can fit easily into my suitcase or carry on.  Other than that, as long as I am in a warm place, have my laptop, a great bed and some money, then I'm pretty okay for a while.

One thing that I do, that everyone at first thought was pretty weird, but it works like a charm, is that I have a unique way of packing.  I learned this technique from my father many, many years ago and I still find it the best way to pack efficiently and keep your clothes looking great.

Michelle's Packing Tips

Nine months ago before my hair grew back
I never had to pack any hair product!
1) Think about how many days you will be gone (or without access to a washing machine).
2) Pack enough underwear to get through those days, pack an outfit per day that can be mixed and matched with something for another day.

(For example, for day one I may pack, a skort (this is a combination skirt and shorts piece for those who aren't familiar with it) and matching top, then thinking both that top and skort can be matched with other items within my suitcase, essentially making each piece work for more than one day)

3) Pack a pair of flip flops and dress shoes that will go with everything.  
4) One pair of runners/workout shoes and two or three pairs of socks to go with them.

Here is the big secret

I roll everything and put it into my suitcase tightly rolled up.  Not only will this give you more room, it also prevents your clothes from getting too wrinkled (I never pack anything that wrinkles anymore anyway).  Dad showed me this years ago and I tell you I'll never look back  Essentially, you lay all your stuff out on the bed in little groupings (tops, shorts, dresses etc.) then you roll and pack, roll and pack and in minutes your suitcase is packed and organized and you are ready to hit the road.  It also makes it very easy to find your things if you just need to pull out a quick shirt along the way.

My Carry On

I always make sure I have a Carry On that is light weight and can fit my essentials for the flight which are:

  • My MacBook Air (and charger)
  • My iPhone (and charger)
  • A toothbrush
  • Moisturizer & lipbalm
  • My passport
  • My Bose headset
  • Advil
  • A mask to cover my eyes
  • A pen
  • My business cards
  • A blow up pillow for the plane
  • Socks (if I'm not wearing any) to keep my feet warm
  • Cash & Credit card
With this little bag I'm good even if they loose my luggage for a day or two.  

So that's it.  I'm packed.  Where should I head off to now?

This is the part where you can help.  

As you know, I just got back from Maui, am going to be working locally now until the end of November when I go to Huatulco, then I have nothing booked for next year.  Any suggestions?  I'd like a place that I have not been to (or perhaps haven't been to in a while), that is warm, has beautiful beaches and has access to cafe's, restaurants, hotels and activities for me to write about and review for my travel page.

You can respond by commenting below or writing a comment on my Facebook Page which ever is easier.

Enjoy your day
I'm off to a Wedding today


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Caroline said...

Eleuthera in the Bahamas. Wonderful isolated place - but wait until after hurricane season.

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