Sunday, 1 September 2013

Travel Hacking and Racking up the Travel Awards....

Ever wonder how people get upgraded, free flights or free hotel rooms?  Yep, me too!
Do you see the face?

Apparently some people make a career of working the points and credit card systems to do just that.  Seems like a lot of work to me, but I'm going to look into it for you guys and I'll provide feedback in a few months to let you know if it works.

I have heard that for those living in America, it works very well, for example you can join Travel Hacking and get information on the best cards that give you bonuses, the latest travel deals out there as well as how to double up to get maximum miles.  So, for you my American friends I suggest you click on this link and sign up to get started.

For you Canadian folk you can join Canadian Free Flyers, they offer a similar program and promise you that you can earn enough points for three free flights per year.  Sounds great, here is the link for you to join today.

In the past when I travelled a fair bit for business I had a few preferred cards that worked for upgrades and free rooms.  My favourites were Starwood Preferred Guest and Hilton Honors.

My favourite way of getting upgrades on flights has been to ask.  I know, it sounds archaeic, but it works.  All you have to do is ask.  I do this everytime I check in for a flight, and I even do it for hotel room upgrades.  You'd be surprized how often they will upgrade your seat (to one with more legroom, or exit row), if you just ask.

So now that I've given away my secret I'll have to get to the airport extra early as you will all be going there and asking for the good seats.
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