Friday, 13 September 2013

Let's Tweet a bit together while we get LinkedIn

 Getting noticed on Twitter & LinkedIn

Today I'm going to cover day 4 and day 5 in the Ten Day Social Media Challenge.  Day 5 is about LinkedIn and day 4 is all about Twitter. How do I use them to engage with my audience?

Lets start with LinkedIn.  I have used LinkedIn a lot in the past when I was working in for Business Objects, SAP and then as an Advisor with Sun Life Financial. It worked very well for me as a way for potential clients to find me and a way for me to share my knowledge.  With my new venture into the world of Blogging, Travel and sharing knowledge on life and overcoming obstacles I am not sure where LinkedIn will fit.  I still have my profile and am beginning to add recent updates but basically have been inactive on it for a long while.

My plan with LinkedIn over the next six months is to find groups that are about my areas of interest and expertise, to join these groups and when relevant provide comments and informative points that will allow my LinkedIn network to get to know the "new" Michelle and what I can bring to the table.  Check out my LinkedIn Profile and add me.

 I have to admit I'm a bit of a Luddite when it comes to Twitter.  I still don't really "get" it. I have so many tweets from others beeping me on my cell phone and racing through my twitter feed I can't keep up with it all. So if that is happening to me it must be happening to others. Which begs the question.  If I am going to use twitter to increase my online presence, how do I do it in such a way that my tweets stand out and are interesting enough for people to want to read and share?

The most obvious first step is to post tweets that are fun and interesting. I can work on that and learn which tweets are gaining interest and which are not. The next step for me is to study some of the "How to use Twitter effectively" guides that Natalie mentioned so I can understand more about hashtags and mentions etc.

Help me see the value of hashtags by clicking HERE TO TWEET

Then I can begin to formulate a daily twitter routine that is meaningful and consistent. This may be a bit of trial and error, but I'm prepared to learn more and give it a go. 

Tweet Tweet. That's all folks. 


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Facing Cancer Together said...

Blogging for LinkedIn is a challenge, particularly if your blog isn't business related. But it is good for finding like minds. Twitter is so good for keeping up with community in real time. So while we have a fantastic community at our website, the reactions can be carried over to this 'as it happens' conversation to blog posts, news, etc. It's a chatty place :)


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