Thursday, 12 September 2013

Is Facebook ruling your life? Or are you using it to enhance your experience?

A conversation on a beach...

Woman: "Are you on Facebook right now?"

Man: "Yes."

Woman: "Really? Put that laptop down and get into the water."

Man: "But I can't I found an article on great beaches on Bob's profile and I'm reading it"

Woman: "Let me understand this correctly, you are sitting at a great beach, but not getting in the water to enjoy it because you are stuck on Facebook reading about a great beach?"

Man: "Yup"

You're probably wondering, does that actually happen.  Yes, I can say from experience (especially with Teenagers) that it happens all the time.  Too much Facebook time, not enough Face Time!  The good thing about that is business owners know how much time people spend on Facebook, so they need to optimize their presence and their message to catch those people when they are online doing their "stalking".  It is a fine line between letting Facebook control you, or you controlling it, so make a plan on how you will engage with Facebook, not just the how, but the when.  Block aside a time in the morning to check in and see what is new, then stay away, get out and do things.  Enjoy the sunshine.  If you are really addicted, okay, okay you can check in from your iPhone at lunch, but otherwise let it be until the end of the day.  You won't have missed anything, if it was mission critical, you would have been contacted.  Okay...lecture over right.  :-)  I admit, I tend to use Facebook a little too much.

I have a pretty strong Public Facebook Page that has a good following and pretty decent engagement.  I track my posts, I use post promotions and I have used Facebook Ads.  I know I could learn a little more about Facebook Ads so have signed up for Amy's Webinar next week.  Some issues I have with Facebook as it is right now is, because my page is a Public Figure Page rather than a business page I cannot use tools such as Tweets to Pages, TabSite etc.  They only recognize my other business page Pammenter Young Financial, which is not the page I am working on promoting etc.  Currently I'm limited to traditional Facebook stuff, unless I port my page over to a Business Page, but then I will lose my 3600+ subscribers.  It's a quandary.

For now though, I'm utilizing my page to promote my blog, my books and pretty soon to make the "BIG" announcement about my new page and what is available on it.  It's something I have been working on for a long time now.  I am also looking to use more "give aways' and those types of promotions on my Facebook page, but with everything I'm working on right now, I need to take these things one step at a time.

Here is a snapshot of my Public Facebook Page Banner...... Check me out.

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