Thursday, 12 September 2013

Cancer Warrior Handbook Hits TOP in Kindle Once Again.........AND! Today's Question of the Day - Cool Prizes too.


Yes, thanks to you my amazing followers, we have once again made it up in the best seller list on Amazon.  As of today we were up to #5 in this category (last time we made it to #1 so keep on spreading the word please by clicking here to Tweet ):

Here is the give away question of the day.

What or who is Dirty Jane?  Stop....don't go and look it up .....  take a guess.

Please write your answers in the comments below.  No cheating, no googling...that just wouldn't be fair.

The first four correct answers will win a super cool gift.  

I'm off to enjoy the sunshine but before I do, I have to show you this video from earlier today.  This is one of the healthy things I do for my body.

Tomorrow I will let you in on the Dirty Jane Secret.


Amy Remark said...

Any super rad chick who mountain bikes or does any hard core outdoor activity!

Unknown said...

Yes Amy you are correct. is a super cool site for girls who love to live a little on the edge. Thanks for replying. I have a DJ sticker for you, it is great for your mountain bike or your truck or anywhere you'd like to show that you are a rad chick who lives on the edge. :-)

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