Friday, 20 September 2013

I did it! I finished the Ten Day Social Media time for a rest!

Why do I blog?

Does my blog matter?  Am I making an impact?  When I first started this blog I had no idea it would
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reach so many people and that I would be helping people along the way.  Now, of course, I can see both my subscribers growing and my blog being shared, and with this comes a sense of responsibility to ensure that I am both entertaining and informing you.

I try to write about things that matter while keeping my own unique voice.  As I grow and develop my writing, so does this blog grow and develop, but the question remained, is this a blog with purpose?  As task # 9 in the Ten Day Social Media Challenge,  - creating a blog with purpose came across in my email a few days ago I really had to stop and take some time to think about this.

The answer became very clear.  Not only is there a huge purpose behind my blogging (to help others identify and live their ideal lives), but I also realized this has now gone beyond those struggling with cancer.  My style will not appeal to everyone, but for anyone who is looking for more and willing to step out of the box to get it, they have come to the right place.  Over the next few months you will see my page moving in a distinct new direction with many resources and ideas available to help you achieve a better life.  You will see workshops and podcasts to go hand in hand with the new blog theme and I'm hoping to start doing video blogs (Vlogs) more frequently - I need a good make-up artist to pull this one off.  So buckle up friends and come along for the ride.  I can promise you it will be a bit bumpy but lots of fun.

On a side note, I've always had a crazy imagination, and when my children were little I told them that I was Tinkerbell.  Some of you have heard this story before.  You see, I was adopted as a little girl, so I told my kids that I was a fairy (Tinkerbell) and then Granny and Grand Dad adopted me and I became a human.  I also told them that they would get visits from fairy's in the night, and sometimes I would sneak into their rooms and put a little glitter on their cheeks.  In the morning when I woke them up I'd show them the glitter and tell them that it meant that a fairy had visited them in the night.  I know, I know, call me crazy, but I really believe in magic and imagination and dreaming and why shouldn't I be Tinkerbell!

Measuring my social media efforts

The final challenge in the Ten Day Social Media Challenge is to define how I will measure my social media efforts.  Thankfully I can see a lot of this with Facebook Insights and Google Analytics.  It is so much easier with the new tools that automate most of the tracking now.  My big challenge is to take some time weekly to look at these statistics and do something with them.  I need to see what is not working and focus rather on the efforts that are working.  This will be a bit of a learning curve and a "practice makes perfect' job for me.  As my friend Pascale from Gadbois Photography said, "the best time to post something on Facebook is Tuesday".  I don't know where she learned that, but she was right, for us it worked.  Being patient and waiting until Tuesday to write about my latest greatest idea was so hard for me, but I'm glad I learned to do that, now I'm going to have to tweek further and figure out my geek stats for all types of posts on all types of social media sites.  Yikes!  As if I didn't have enough new stuff to learn.

PS: I know the FONT IS REALLY SMALL in these posts, but I promise on my new blog page you will be able to read them again......

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