Sunday, 29 September 2013

Recovering from Surgery (warning graphic photos)

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So it has been almost ten days since my surgery.  I would have thought that recovery from this surgery, particularly in the lipo areas would have been quick.  Well, nope, I guess not.  It turns out that lipo is very harsh on your body.  I had no idea how traumatic it would be on my body.  I know, I personally chose to have my original, non cancer breast adjusted to match my new, built from my own body, bionic boob, but wow, had I truly known the pain this would cause, I may have told vanity to go to hell and lived with two mis-matched boobies.
My breast that had the fat from the lipo added is now (in my mind) pretty much healed.  It is still all bruised, and hurts if you bump it, but it’s pretty pain free.  My right breast, the one that had the mastectomy and reconstruction in April, which was tweaked during this past surgery is for some reason very painful deep inside the chest.  Apparently the surgeon did some deep stitches to lift the breast, and that is why the excruciating pain.  It is so bad, I actually called her office to ask if she had deliberately broken ribs during the surgery.  They assured me that this was not the case.  The pain is from adjustments deep within my chest wall – oh well, it will heal.
The big challenge is that I simply cannot sit on my ass.  Can you imagine, pain so severe that you cannot sit without inching your way down and gently settling to a comfortable position.  Driving sucks, going to the toilet sucks, walking (because the bruising is migrating) is painful, damn it all I might as well just give it up and sleep all day.  Seriously!!! Lipo SUCKS!!  My body is so traumatized by it.  Words cannot express. So, here are some photos.  Edited to hide my personal bits.  But I think you get the picture.  I only had the teeniest tiniest bit of lipo done and this is the result.  Can you imagine how painful it must be for someone who has it done to remove fat.  OMG!  I think I would pass out and die.
This photo was four days post surgery. Things got worse since.

Right Leg 7 days post

Left Leg 10 days post

Right Leg 10 days post

So, I can honestly say I would not do this again.  Would I have been happy with two different sized breasts?  Probably not.  Was this all worth it?  Time will tell.  I cannot wait to be in a bikini in Huatulco in November to see if it was worth all the pain, but currently I’m still too sore to sit my ass on even the most comfortable of spots, so the verdict is still out.
On that note, this ass has to get itself to bed.
Goodnight all.


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