Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Why aren't you living the life you want to?

Last night I was chatting with a young lady about how people just cruise through life, most of the time unaware that there may be more for them, or simply content to let life pull them along like a slow train ride, not even stopping to ask "should I be here" or "is there something better I could be doing" or "am I happy and content with this life or do I want more".

Most people don't even attempt to map out or plan their lives, they just let them happen.  I guess that's okay, for some people.  I know for a lot of individuals it is about fear, fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of not doing what everyone else is doing.  Seriously though, it cannot hurt to try.  Take a baby step and see how it goes.  (If you need some suggestions for baby steps email me, I'll send you my "First Steps to Living a Better Life" plan.

I know from experience that when I dream and plan and work hard, my goals and wishes do come true.  I fully believe in the power of visualization.  It worked perfectly for me when I visualized (and wrote down) what the "perfect husband" would look like to me, and then shortly after I did that exercise I met Wade.

So in working to achieve my dream life, I am doing a lot of planning, writing and visualizing.  I'm a very visual person, so I created this collage which shows the things that are important to me in life.  My family, my dog and warm sunny places.
Of course that doesn't mean friends, excercise and food and forgotten, LOL of course not, they come naturally to a good life.  So today, day 29 of the 30 day Blog Challenge we were asked to build and examine the blueprint to our dreams.  See my photo above.  Work, play, love, eat, doggie love, swim, work, play love.  Sounds so perfect.

Beyond all certainty I have to have my family in my life.  I could never live away from them for too long.  A month at this stage still seems too long.  A couple of weeks is fine, but until my children grow up and begin lives of their own, I will need them near me and they will need my guidance.  My husband is a permanent fixture and I will always be the best wife I can to ensure he is happy and we stay enjoying this life together.  I also can't do without my little doggie....he's my doll.  Fortunately I have great house sitters who love him and who he also loves, so when I do travel, he is in great hands and happy as only a dog could be.  I also need to continue my good health to enjoy life.  For me, this is of particular importance, so for those of you who haven't had a major health issue, watch your health and treat your body well.  You have no idea how life changing it is to have a serious disease, so keep fit and keep looking after your body and it will look after you.

When people ask me how I could do the "travel life" and give up living in my nice house, having access to all my clothes and shoes, well, the answer is easy.  I can come home to those things anytime.  If I set this up properly from the beginning, I will be able to keep a lovely home base here that will be my place to come back to and recharge.  I'm not willing to compromise on that just yet.  If it means doing a little less travel to maintain this, I'm good with that.  Plus I have great friends and a great life here, so it's not so much about leaving here as it is about experiencing new places.

There are a few things I can easily let go of, like shopping, having such a massive wardrobe (I'm downsizing), having all my knick knacks, they can go, except a couple of sentimental pieces, having a million books.  I used to have such a hard time getting rid of books, now, well, once I've read them I might as well pass them on to someone else to enjoy.  They only take up space and I'm not the kind of person to re-read a book.

So, blueprint done, plans written, rewritten, and constantly being rewritten, timeline - a work in progress - goal....FREEDOM on my terms!

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