Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Wanna Tweet, Instagram and hang out on Facebook?

Who is my target market?

Day 2 of the Ten Day Social Media Challenge.  The question posed is who is my target market, what social media sites should I be focusing on and why?

Well, my target market is YOU my readers and what do I know about you?  A few things so far, please feel free to comment below to add more information or let me know if I've got it all wrong.

YOU are between the age of 35 and 55.  You are probably female (unless you are one of the 10% of my male audience, or my dad), you are at least college educated, your income is over 40K per annum, you have possibly experienced a major life event in the last five years or are looking to get more out of your life.

Where do you hangout online?

Do I have it correct?  So, if that is you, where will I find you?  When you are not on the beach enjoying  life, where will you be (online).  I would say that most of you are on Facebook in one way or another, so I can reach out to you there.  Facebook is a great way for us to connect and share stories.  You can stalk my posts and click "like" if you see something interesting and I can check out your great photos and see what you are up to.  Yes, Facebook is a good place.  We can also share cool pages that we like, you know, pages that promote living a great life, getting healthy and having a positive attitude.  I love Facebook for that.  I have found such great support and unique communities on Facebook that I could not have done without over the past year and a half.  Connect with me on Facebook.  I have some fun stuff and give aways going on over there right now.

Now, do you Tweet?  I'm just getting used to twitter, I find it very insane and bewildering.  I get that people "tweet" info and points and statements etc. but I still don't get the power of Twitter, so I must admit I have a lot to learn there.  How about YOU?  Do you tweet with purpose?  Do you get the whole twitter thing?  If so, fill me in on the secret - or perhaps I will learn that as I continue on this Ten Day Social Media Challenge.  So, if you Tweet how about clicking this link to send a tweet about my blog.  You can find me on twitter @pammenter so sent me at tweet right now to say hello.  I promise, I'll try to figure out how to see your tweet and even to learn more about why I should be tweeting, because if YOU are tweeting then I should be.

How about a little Instagram?

I'm much more of an Instagram and YouTube fan.  I just love video, it brings so much more to a post, it brings, humour, life and personality.  How about YOU, do you have a YouTube channel or an Instagram account?  If you are under 45 I bet you have an Instagram account.  You can add me by clicking here Pammenter.  Also, go and check out my YouTube video's there aren't that many yet, but I will be adding more soon and I know you will enjoy them.

So there you go......I thought writing about my Social Media channels would be very difficult, but it was actually quite fun.  I know, I left a few out, but seriously I need to focus on the top three.  If YOU feel I haven't got it right, or that perhaps I should be Google+'ing it rather than Twitter or Instagram, speak up....I'm all ears.

Thanks Natalie for pushing me on this see what can be done when you set your mind to it.  Just like I achieved success finally with integrating my Leadpages and an email provider.  I ended up with AWeber and it took me less than half an hour.  Way better than the fifteen plus hours I had spent trying to integrate Mailchimp.  Argghh was I frustrated.  But now I'm a super happy camper.  Check out my Freebee that I did today.  I'm giving away copies of my second book, The Cancer Warrior Handbook, so get yours today.

If you are still sitting at your computer, shut it down and go out and enjoy life.  That is why we are here :-)

This post has been a part of the Ten Day Social Media Challenge

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