Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Mustang Convertible

Hello, welcome back to the continuation of my Mustang Convertible story and the completion of my Day 13 Blog challenge post.

Where were we?  Oh yes, at the Budget Rental car office in Maui listening to the sales guy as he tries to get us to upgrade from a basic Ford sedan to a sexy Mustang Convertible.  Initially this upgrade would cost $160 per day, but through all kinds of very fortuitous events we were now down to only $50 dollars per day, to rent the very last Mustang on the lot.  That is a heck of a deal, Wade and I looked at each other, did the math in our heads - and decided that no, for that we could almost get a ticket for one week at an all inclusive in Mexico.

The agent thinks we are completely nuts for turning this offer down.  I can tell he is deflated, there goes his commission or bonus or whatever it is that he gets for getting tourists upgraded, and he really though he had us.  I know in our minds we are both thinking that maybe we should have, I mean this is our first trip to Maui, my book's are doing well and you only live once right.  Oh well, it's too late now, he has printed off our paperwork and has gone to the back to get it.

The cool car
Well, lo and behold, back he comes with yet another deal.  Can you believe it?  He has finally done the "let me talk to my manager" sales tactic, and his manager Rob bless his little kind heart has so kindly allowed this dude to offer us the one and only Mustang Convertible left in their lot for ...... we go...... $30 per day.  Yep, it's gone from $160 to $30 per day!  Seriously?  Who could turn that down and why would you turn that down?  It only took Wade and I a few seconds to look at each other, look back at the kids and say "Oh why the heck not", "Yep we'll take it".  I swear the guy was probably doing backflips in his head.  He finally had us!  It only took thirty minutes, but he had us.  What a salesman.  Whew persistence pays that's for certain.

He gets the contract filled out and then looks us straight in the eyes and asks what colour would we
like?  Excuse me?  What happened to "this is the last convertible they have left"?  Now we actually get a colour choice, and not just out of two colours, there were four different colours we could choose from.  So we chose a nice white (like my Mercedes) Mustang Convertible.  We didn't tell the kids, we told them we had a Ford Focus.  They were very polite and didn't complain although I could see a flash of letdown in their eyes.

Well, you should have seen how thrilled they were when we walked up to the Mustang and I got in to get the keys.  Ben even said, "Mum, that's not a Ford".  Ha ha.

No onto the day 13 task.  The question posed was:

What three things would you most like your website to have and how will you go about getting them?

The number one thing for me is a great landing page.  Something that says at first glance what it is I do and why there is value in staying here and exploring further.

Second, I would like clear "click throughs" to landing pages that will encourage visitors to "join the blog to get automatic updates", "buy the book The Year I Died" in two simple steps and "Download "The Cancer Warrior Handbook".  I would like each of these landing pages to automatically collect the visitors email so that I can build a contact list allowing those who have opted in to keep up to date on new product when it comes out.

The beach in front of our condo
Finally I would like a very clear section with click through links to the "Cool Gadgets" page and also to the other blog page (so long as I decide to keep it separate).

Getting these things will require both hiring a web guru for the first few steps and design, then teaching myself how to work with the tools and keep the site up to date without having to hire out each time I change something.

That's all for now.  I'm off to play in the sun.

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