Friday, 8 June 2012

24hrs of Fuzzy.

All Showered and ready
to go under the knife.

Friday June 8th, 2012
Well step 1 of 100 is now complete.  It's funny, this is what I told my daughter when she went to her first audition, I said honey you will need to do at least 100 auditions before you'll get hired for your first job.  I feel like I'm walking the same long path to something......I'd love to share my story on "W" or "Life" network.  I think it would be an interesting one, imagine them following me through all these hurdles.  Yesterday would have been a funny one as I was completely out of it with all the drugs they gave me.  Perhaps this is all happening so I can get out there and finally fulfil my life long dream to act.  Ha Ha Ha....okay I must still be on drugs.

Lovey new outfit they gave me.
Enough fantasizing....yesterday...well, we got to Lions Gate at around 10:45 and I was bloody starving.  I hadn't eaten since about 11:30 the night before and have to admit I'd had too much wine with my lovely friends Ann Ka and Amy.  So really all I wanted was a greasy breakfast and some good coffee.  Anyone who knows me knows I cannot go without food for a few hours without getting a bit snarly.  The lovely clothing they made we wear was not helping my mood (check out the pictures on the photo's page).  

Hooked up to the Tubes

Finally after an IV hook up, yeah because I was super dehydrated, and a million nurses asking me the same questions over and over again, I get wheeled into the OR.  I'd been pretty brave up until then but I think the whole fear of going under and never seeing my family again really hit me.  There were two nurses, two anaesthetists and my doctor in the room.   They were all very kind, the anaesthetist explained what they were going to do - give me oxygen and then gently slip me under with drugs in my IV.  He asked if I had any questions.  I said please don't kill me!  LOL!  Not too sure what he thought of that, but he was pretty cool looking as I faded away into oblivion.  
I awoke 2 or so hours later crying in pain and actually crying for my mummy.  Funny how even at 47 we never forget the person who cared for us most was our mother.  A lovely nurse came over and held my hand and gave me more pain medication.  This process, me waking up crying for my mum and for the pain to go away went on for an hour or so until they managed to give me enough pain meds.  Then I went off to La La Land.
Dr. Q. came in at some point and spoke with me.  He said he did find some "bad stuff" whatever that means, and so he sent the sample to a different lab to get more detailed results??  Gee so that means a longer wait and what the hell is "bad stuff"?  I know this is all a big mistake, it's just a massive bruise and I'm going end up with a lovely new booby don't tell me about bad stuff.
Around 4 the nurse said I could get ready to go home, and she started to help me get dressed.....ooooh that wasn't so good.  The minute I sat up the nausea started.  So much for going back home.  I got a lovely shot in the butt and lay there with a brown disposable basin trying not to hurl all over their bedding.
Eventually however I said to please get my husband that I was ready to go home and between he and the nurse they managed to wheel me to the car and I fainted/walked into a ball on the front seat - complete with blanket from the hospital thanks for the lovey nurse who realized I was freezing.

I don't recall the ride home, I do recall being brought a lovely pink Popsicle in bed and apparently I had all kinds of conversations last night with my hubby, but don't remember any of them.  I know I emailed some of you - my friends - to thank you for your support, so I hope my emails weren't too nuts.

Today I am still a bit drugged up, but have to go to see two clients later this afternoon, so have stopped the narcotic pain meds for a while and have taken extra strength Tylenol (because I am going to need the extra strength to pull off these meetings).  Wade will drive me and wait for me at both appointments as I am in no state to be operating any machinery today.
This is probably going to be the last post until I find out what's up with the biopsy.  Thanks everyone for your support.  Please share this with anyone you feel may get a laugh out of it, or who is maybe going through something similar.
Keeping my pecker up and hoping for a happy ending.


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You even look good in a hospital gown!! xo

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