Friday, 29 June 2012

Telly Savalas here I come.

Hairdrops keep falling from my head
And just like the girl whose tresses were all over her bed
My pillow's full of it
Those hairdrops keep falling from my head, they keep falling

So i just did some talking to my body
And I said I thought the way it's doing things is shody
Sleepin' on the job
Those hairdrops keep falling from my head, they keep falling

But there's one thing I know
The loss of my lovely hair won't defeat me
it won't be long till baldness steps up to greet me

Hairdrops keep falling from my head
But that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turnin' red
Crying's not for me
Cause I'm never going to stop the loss by complainin'
Because I am free
Nothing's worrying me.

Okay so I'm not bald yet, but little drifts of hair keep falling past my eyes so I might as well acknowledge the fact that I'm heading there (no pun intended).  So let's talk a little bit about baldness.  First I have NEVER been attracted to bald men, no offence to them, I just love a full head of hair on my man.  I realize of course that for some men, going bald is not a choice, it's in their genes and unfortunately they just have to live with it, but what I don't understand are those men who are going bald and shave their heads.  Or heaven forbid those crazy guys with hair, who think it's attractive to just shave off their nice hair and be naked as a jaybird up top.  I mean who told you that was sexy?  What are we to run our fingers through?  Never mind how it must feel when there's a five o'clock head shadow, gross.  I can't imagine how cold their heads get in the winter and why run the risk of sun burn in the summer - nothing super attractive about a blistering red bald head.  So to all you guys out there who are balding naturally, please keep what is still there, keep it nice and short, it can look sophisticated and even sexy on the right guy and if you are one of those dudes who shaves your entire head for the fun of it, please let it be.  You may go bald on your own one day, for now, why not keep your locks while you have them.  Women like hair, trust me those who say they like you bald don't, they just don't want to bruise your egos.   
Something that always amazed me is the courageous people who participate in "balding for dollars".  I have seen young women with beautiful long hair have it all shaved off to support the cause and I am so awed by them.  What an emotional shock it must be to them to realize in 30 minutes or so it's all gone, the hair they took years to grow is gone.  It's not as if one should identify oneself with one's hair, but to lose it all like that, it has to be shocking.  It must take great courage and personal fortitude to do go through with it.  I applaud you, you're braver than I could be.  My going bald is not a matter of choice and given a choice between going bald and adding 3 extra days a month of feeling shitty through chemo, I'd choose feeling shitty.  It's not just vanity speaking, ever since I have cut my hair my head has been cold and I bet it's contributing to my 24/7 headache.  Oh well suck it up chicky pooh.  As my girlfriend Trish would say "Put your big Girl Panties on" and deal with it.
As Telly Savalas would say "We're all born bald, baby"


Unknown said...

June 29, 2012 | Trish copied from previous blog page:

Hey baby ! U know what....we pay an awful lot of money for our beauty - look at it as less costs for a short period, meaning $$ for other more important jewelllery :) or massages or mani-pedi etc.....twisted me did have a thought, its kinda funny, made me wonder if Brazillians will still be needed :) - only my twisted brain would think that.,...there are some amazing cute wigs out there....the Pink one Kate had - wear got big balls....its gonna grow back and be as gorgeous as it was....loved the your humor and courage....soldier on in those big girl panties :) Muwah

Unknown said...

June 29, 2012 | Anka copied from previous blog page:

Look Good Feel Better - have you heard of them? They have workshops in Vancouver and I THINK they offer wig 101. See here:

Also check this out:

oh lala - forget the wigs - how about we go scarf shopping :)

Unknown said...

July 2, 2012 | Maureen copied from previous blog page:

Your article is so good. I always wish that I had lived my life differently. You are so beautiful in a bikini at 16, but I think that you look good now. The poem is good, could be a song! xxx Lots of love.

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