Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Chaos and Crash

Yesterday was the day of my Jewellery party that I had planned months ago, before I knew I had breast cancer.  There were days after chemo where I thought to myself, I should call this off, but Clare's pieces are so unique and I really wanted to share them with my friends.  So as each day went by and we got closer to the event I monitored my energy levels and by last Friday was sure I could pull this off with no lasting affects.
So it was a heck of a party. Clare arrived at 5 with huge cases filled with beautiful, sparkly things.  It took about 1.5hrs to set up in the kitchen and dinning room.  All the while my little Magpie eyes are darting back and forth from bling to bling making my head spin.  I love all of her stuff, of course I couldn't possibly buy it all, I mean that would be selfish, I should let my friends have some pieces.  Once she was set up I took a few photos to share on Facebook with those who were unable to make it.  I have to tell you friends, the pictures simply don't do her work justice.  
Then the craziness began.  The first to arrive was Anita, now I haven't seen Anita in about 31 years.  Not since early high school.  It was so great to see her.  She still looked gorgeous - I remember all the guys loving Anita, I mean who wouldn't she's pretty, has lovely blonde hair, a great smile and she's smart.  Thanks Anita for the lovely flowers :-).  Then the girls started coming in in droves with food and wine and hugs and smiles, oh and more flowers - thanks Beverly and Barbara.  
Imagine if you can 14 excited women in a room filled with sparkly jewels and sipping on tasty wine.  It was loud and it was a blast.  Clare, the designer extraordinaire, showed us some of her stunning and functional pieces, such as the necklace extender, the floating bubbles, the fork key chain and many more.  It wasn't long before each one of us had our heart and our eyes on a little piece of bling we wanted to call our own.
Around 8pm I started to fade, I was already way past overdone, however this evening was the most fun I've had in two weeks, so I didn't quite want to go to bed yet.  So I sat down on the easy chair and no sooner than I did, I had two of my lovely friends sitting chatting with me.  Soon the subject changed to "50 Shades of Grey", well, you should have heard the energy level rise in the room.  I think over 80% of us are in the midst of or have read the book.  The conversations had over sexy, hot, rich, amazing Christian Grey were just plain HOT!  Most of us however all wished he was a little older, so had substituted his visual with one of a stunning, sexy, blue eyed actor who shall remain nameless - maybe he will be in the movie if they ever do a movie.  It was Nancy who suggested they make a movie out of the books, I'm not sure how they could do that and allow it in the movie theatre.  Not to mention how would they handle the libidos of the women coming out of the movie theatre.  So who would you want to play Christian Grey?  I'm thinking Pierce Brosnan (he'd need to bulk up a bit), Daniel Craig, or perhaps a young Richard Gere hmmmmm.....Ohhhh how about George Clooney!
Back on track Michelle, where was I?  Oh yes the crazy gaggle of girls going goey gaga over great gems!  So we shopped and laughed and ate and drank and then, well I dropped!  I said my good nights and went up to bed (no Debbie it wasn't super early, I was a trouper - I made it until 9:20), once I got up there I realized my head was pounding beyond belief.  As I lay there, Advil trying to do its work, listening to the laughter below I felt at peace. In pain, but at peace. It was so great to have such a fun group of women over.  The laughter and the joy expressed over Clare's pieces filled those rooms with such positive energy.  I was very glad I had not postponed the event.  My body may be punishing me for it now, but I had a fabulous time, I felt human again and even though my hair is a little odd, when I'm speaking with people, I can't see it, so I forget it, and I'm once again my old self with long flowing hair and lots to laugh about - although without the wine this time.
Thanks to everyone who joined us and a special thanks to Clare for coming up with all your stuff.  You're going to need a retailer up here pretty quickly.
Shine on friends,
Bling, bling


Michelle Pammenter Young said...

June 27, 2012 | Maureen copied from previous blog page:

What a fantastic time you seem to have had. Did you buy many of Clare's pieces, which I must say look lovely?
Chin up and smile little one.

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