Monday, 18 June 2012

Rescue from the Borg.

Monday June 18th, 2012, 6AM
I've been lying in bed since about 3AM waiting for the light to shine in the window so my computer doesn't wake Wade, no luck, the minute I sit up he's awake, sorry honey. It's just all through the night I've had this hilarious thought that I've actually been rescued by Captain Kirk from the Borg.  They beamed me on to the ship and while I was coming on board Scotty detected a virus within me, so they sent me to sick bay to see Dr. McCoy.  Last week he pumped me full of some crazy concoction that he and Data made in the Ten Forward Lounge and today he's getting ready to give me a "Bone Scan", which for him is very exciting - his nickname is after all "Bones".  I also have a sneaking suspicion that  I might be subjected to his famous probe in places I'd rather not think about.  

Today is going to be the last day I will have nice long hair, for at least a year, so I'm going to make sure that it's nice and pretty going in for the scan, perhaps I'll get the twinkly eye from good old Jim Kirk. He'd better make sure my captain doesn't see him :-)
Prepare for warp speed standby transwarp drive.


Michelle Pammenter Young said...

June 18, 2012 | Marie (Sparkles) copied from previous blog page:

Michelle, you are amazing... Your blog is amazing too. As much as I hate you are having to go through this, I am starting to know you so much better through your writings and can now see why Wade loves you so much. It so hard to imagine you having the strength to keep us all updated through these first days after Chemo especially. Thank you for sharing with us and may God's peace & healing surround you while you fight this battle.

Love Sparkles

Michelle Pammenter Young said...

June 19, 2012 | Jean Goldie copied from previous blog page:

I love your sense of humour!

Michelle Pammenter Young said...

June 19, 2012 | Annelle copied from previous blog page:

ha-ha, I remember that party! Life seemed so complex at the time, but boy was it simple.

Michelle Pammenter Young said...

June 19, 2012 | Nicole Johns coped from previous blog page:

Michelle by the way....your new hair do ROCKS!!! I have to say, your blog is very inspiring and it shows the strength you have while going through this monumental experience in your life:) It is good to have some sense of humor as this will help you with the grieving and healing process...I think you need it to get through life and not too many people have it, you do so keep your chin up no matter how hard it gets and remember you are not alone and have plenty of love around you wishing you the very best!

Michelle Pammenter Young said...

June 21, 2012 | Annemette Jorgensen copied from previous blog page:

You are such a talent of a writer and on the other side of this huge challenge you are going through, you must do even more with this talent you have. Publish all of this in a book and keep writing about your life experiences etc.
When I read your blog, I laugh and cry and feel your every emotion. Thank you for sharing it all Michelle.


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