Sunday, 12 May 2013

Happy Mothers Day

For those of you whose mothers are still with you on this day, I hope you are doing something special for your mothers.  I hope you have a mother like mine who loved you from the moment she held you in her arms.  My mother was the most beautiful woman you could ever meet.  In her youth she looked like Jackie O and mum had the style to go along with it.

My friends who knew her would have said that Tiny was forever classy, elegant and proper.  She didn't have the easiets of lives but she never gave up, she always held her head up, smiled and kept on going.  She was a very private person and often wouldn't share her pains with us but would quietly take her time to work through what ever was affecting her.

She was an amazing grandmother who spoiled my kids rotten.  Everytime Granny would come she would come with gifts and sweeties.  It got to the point that the first things the kids would ask of Granny was "Do you have any sweeties?"

Today is the first Mothers Day without my lovely mother.  Cancer took her away from us.  I am so angry about losing her in this way.  I hate how cancer destroys our lives, not just by taking our loved ones, but also by making those who are going through treatment live in hell for months on end.  Trying to recover from cancer is a long, hard and lonely road.  It can bring incredible sadness and depression that can last for months.  Phychologists have noted that most cancer patients will suffer from PTSD at some point in their journey.  As if getting ill and having to deal with all the chemical treatments isn't bad enough.

It is for these and other reasons that I'm strongly behind the "Cancer Warrior" project.  We need to bring some joy into the lives of those dealing with cancer.  For a moment help them to laugh and to forget the hell they are living.  That is what this giving back program will do.  Your $10 or $20 donation will make a difference in someone's life.  It may even make their entire week.  AND when you donate, you also get awesome free gifts.  So it is exciting for you as well.

Please take five minutes to click on the "Cancer Warrior" link on the right, go to the Indiegogo page and see what this exciting campaign is all about.  $20 is a few coffees for you, but for a cancer patient, depressed and lonely, to get a generous gift full of love and humour and support will mean a lot more.

Once on the page, after you have chosen your "goodie level" and made your generous donation, could you please take a moment to "Share" the campaign via one of the share or tweet buttons under my video.  There are hundreds of people at home with cancer, confused, sad and scared - let's do this together and make them smile!

Thank you to all you angels out there who take the time to help.



AMER O said...

Xo my motherless sister!

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