Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Changes, changes and more changes.

I am one of those rare people who love change. As a matter of fact, I thrive on it. I find life very boring without change. I used to re-arrange my furniture every three months to create a different look, however since I've met my husband I have had to stop doing that - it drove him crazy.

I like new clothes, a new car every few years, funky new jewellery and I love new experiences. I will try every food once and more than often will even try it a second time if I didn't like it the first time, just in case it wasn't prepared properly the first time around.

I am also what is called an early adopter. I'm a gadget geek and love any new technology that comes out. This makes for an expensive proposition, a person who loves change, an early adopter and a gadget geek. Can you say new iPhone, GoPro, Bose headset, portable speaker system etc. etc. the list goes on.

So before I let you know about the latest cool thing that I have found aka my latest thing to change, let me tell you about a few of my favourite things. Some that I have a couple that are still on my wish list. 

My # 1 Gadget is of course my iPhone
My favourite apps are Facebook, Instagram, Audible, Jango Radio, Cinemagram, Frametastic & Labelbox.
My #2 Gadget is my GoPro I cannot wait until I am well enough again to do some awesome stuff with it.
My #3 Gadget is are my Bose ear buds.  I can wear these while biking, walking and even in bed when listening to audio books.  They are super comfortable.
My #4 Gadget which is still on my wish list is the Bose Acoustic Wave music system.  This would just rock the parties at The Oasis.
My #5 Super Cool Gadget is my portable 1080 projector.  Check out this link, it isn't exactly like mine (mine is black) but you get the idea.  Super Cool!

Okay, so now finally onto the latest new thing that I've found and love.  It isn't a gadget, rather it is a social media interface that I have now embedded on my blog.  It is on the tab called FUN TIMES.  What I am doing is using the free version of a product called Tint which allows you to display and embed any social feed anywhere you want.  The free version allows for two feeds, in my case I have my Facebook and my Twitter feed.  Check it out here, it's pretty cool.  It updates every 30 minutes (quicker in the paid versions).

If I like it, I might consider the paid version which will allow me to embed feeds into my Facebook page.  How cool is that.

I'm off to enjoy some tunes using Jango Radio on my awesome iPhone......

Later dudes!


Chental Wilson said...

Hi there hope you have found a place to heal from the loss you incurred recently, loved the poem, life is grand and when Im confused about life and death - I say Akuna Matada!
I have come to know we are only here to learn how to unconditionally love ourselves and it sounds like you live life to its fullest dont stall on things that dont matter congrats.xx
have you read Anita Moorjani Dying to be me?

Jan said...

In case my other comment disappeared into cyber space, please keep rubbing your fingers over the scar tissue, get those nerve ends knitting together. Wishing you a meso free and rosy future. xx

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