Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Taking the Bull by the Horns.

Those of you who know me know that I am a woman who charges through life and tackles things head on.  So this morning when I showered and chunks of my spunky short hair were falling off into my hands and down the drain I thought to heck with this.  The hair will be gone in a week anyway, why mess up my drains, carpets and bed with 2 inch chunks of hair.  So I called Meghan and asked if she could shave my head for me.  I didn't want it completely bald, but about 1/8 of an inch in thickness so that the "falling out process" didn't look so odd and make such a mess.
So I did it!  No tears this time.  All smiles as I went in and she shaved away.  I'm not sure what I was expecting, however the end result was still a little shocking for me.  I haven't touched it yet, that just seems a little alien still, but I'm sporting the new look proudly.   I think I'm going to handle the "bald" thing better than expected, not that I'm going to like it but I will make the best of it.  
Originally I had told my daughter that when I was bald I was going to get something tattooed on the back of my head.  Not having any previous tattoos I really had no idea what I was talking about.  The thought was good, but really?  What am I going to put at the back of my head?  Some saying?  Some odd little character?  I can't think of anything that resonates with me, and what if it stops my hair from growing back in properly?  I believe that if one is going to get a tattoo it needs to be meaningful because we have it for the rest of our lives.  Granted a tattoo on the back of my head will never be "in my face" reminding me of Bubba or some crazy serpent, flower, combination that I thought meant something at the time however I still don't see the point in it.  
As a mother raising children in a time where young girls and boys think it's sexy to have colourful tattoos all over their bodies I am challenged with helping guide my children towards respecting and not defacing the bodies that they have.  I am not against tattoos if they are chosen with great care, are small and are not visible unless one is in ones birthday suit.  The trouble is, what 16, 18, 21 year old can make a decision on a tattoo that will be meaningful to them all their lives.  Remember when you were young and you thought a rose with a dagger through it and your girlfriends name written over it was cool.  Or how about the barb wire around your wrists and ankles - not so cool now!  When Wade and I were on our cruise this past February we saw what I thought was the funniest tattoo ever.  It was across the stomach of a 40 something man.  It was obviously a tattoo from 10 plus years ago when he had a six pack and even then it would have been, well, arrogant.  Now it was just hilarious.  Written in big letters across his extremely large beer belly were the words "Gods Gift to Women".  Yup!  I'm serious.  That is what he had written very clearly across his belly.  The funny thing was, this man, definitely past his prime, was still acting like he WAS "Gods Gift to Women".  Perhaps it was all the Rum Drinks or the 24 of beer that he had drank on the pool deck that day, but he was parading around and bossing his women around like he owned the place.  I guess I should thank him for providing me with something to laugh at, me and the other stunned people by the pool.  
That being said, I heard a great tattoo idea the other day and actually went online to check it out.  Apparently there is a famous tattoo artist in Seattle that specializes in Tattooing to cover scars.  In particular she works with women who have had mastectomies and wish to cover the scars with something beautiful.  I have to admit the work I saw was Art.  One of the women had chosen a tattoo that took 4 years to complete.  It was a dragon of sorts that went all the way from her stomach up around both breasts and along the scars to her shoulders.  It was beautiful.  Too big for me and there is no way I would have the patience to take 4 years to see the end result.  If I were to do this I would choose perhaps a simple ivy or chain or something that went along the length of the scars, and maybe one day I will consider it.  For now, having not got to the surgery part yet, my thoughts are that the scars should heal quite well and a little scar might be better than a big tattoo.  Who knows?  Only time will tell.
I'll leave you with a couple of photos from the hair experience today.
Just prior to my haircut

During the shaving experience
Pretty Butch

Bye for now.


Unknown said...

July 3, 2012 | Ashleigh copied from previous blog page:

I think you still look sexy as ever! That sparkle in your eye - & I know you can still shake it =) It's so hard to believe the things people will put on their bodies. I actually met a lady through my BNI group that specialized in cosmetics for scars etc. She was a nurse and saw how damaging it can be to your ego and confidence and felt that she wanted to help people with Tattoo Makeup - that helped build back the confidence. It was pretty inspiring. When you get to that stage, I can give you her name if you are interested in chatting with her. But for now - go with Pride and knowing you are still and always will be SOOO Beautiful!

Unknown said...

July 3, 2012 | lara copied from previous blog page:

You have a nicely shaped head! You sport the buzz cut awesomely!!!

Unknown said...

July 3, 2012 | Trish Langston-Pineau copied from previous blog page:

Posting AGAIN....mine got eaten and I would have been the

Mishy - you are blessed to have gorgeous facial structure and in addition, beautiful eyes. The short hair made your eyes totally pop and really showed off your features which alas it seems with your long hair, were hidden - my opinion only - and I think something to think about... second, the shorter your hair has gone, you have gotten even cuter and piss me off, look even younger....sigh.......seriously - you are blessed to wear your hair any way u want...unlike most of us....I think you are gorgeous inside and out and you continue to inspire with every step on this journey and with the candor of telling your story as you live it...what a brave warrior you are....I love you....


Unknown said...

July 3, 2012 | Nancy copied from previous blog page:

I agree, very sexy baby. Love the attitude. I'm going to get in touch w Tammy to get her photo shoot slide show for you. I think you might find it inspiring. Loved the post. Got my only Tatoo at 40 when I earned my pilot wings. Wings on my wing ;). Don't regret that. Thanks for your entertaining and honest blog. You are a great writer. Keep it up.

Unknown said...

July 4, 2012 | Jean Goldie copied form previous blog page:

You're gorgeous!

Unknown said...

July 4, 2012 | Terry copied from previous blog page:

michelle, not shocking at all, in fact rather cute....way to go in taking the bull by the horns girl!!

Unknown said...

July 4, 2012 | dale copied from previous blog page:

You look good and are bang on regarding the tattoos

Unknown said...

July 4, 2012 | Adam copied from previous blog page:

I have 5 and Francesca has 4. I have a life experience or story behind every one. I also have a min. 6 month rule if I think of something I like. It also takes way longer than that to get an appointment at any half decent artist. I see it as a live every day and enjoy life decision and have no regrets. I guess it's like fancy clothes and cars. Some want to spend money on it and others don't.


Unknown said...

July 4, 2012 | Cath Aikman copied from previous blog page:


Great courage and inspiration for us all.

Unknown said...

July 5, 2012 | Maureen copied from previous blog page:

Hello! Below is a copy of what Kathy has said about your new 'hair' cut. And she's right. xxx

She still looks very attractive and has managed to put on a big brave


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