Thursday, 26 July 2012

Let the "Chemo Games" begin.

Chemo was this morning.  The early drive in wasn't so bad, however I was very scared to have this chemo session, it was the last one before they install the Port-a-Cath and I was wondering if my veins would fail.  Here is a tired gloomy eyed picture leaving home.

As usual, the first dose of choice was my Tiger Blood.  It's rushing into my body and hunting out the cancer.  It's going to eat it all away for me and then it's going to excrete it in the form of red pee.......lovely!  I don't like watching the tiger blood go in because I know it's so scary and anything can happen.  So it was a long process.  I am also hopped up on 12mg of decadron a massive steroid, even 2mg is high for me, so needless to say, the next few days shall be interesting.  The unfortunately thing about today's chemo session was that I was not early enough to get a bed, and with my short body, the big chairs were quite uncomfortable.  I did manage though and the nurse was lovely.

After the Tiger Blood I had an IV drip of Healing potion that I imagine going through out the body to check to make sure Tiger didn't miss anything.  This process itself is not very painful, however now, 3 hours later, my legs ache and feel like they each way 200lbs, so walking to the washroom is a true test of determination.  The same goes for my hands, they are dead weights and typing is taking forever.

I got some good news at the clinic, my lymph nodes (from touch) appear a lot better, if not 100% clear, at least 95% clear.  Also the large tissue mass that was the cancer has reduced to about the size of grapefruit (maybe a little bigger) and it is softening, so good changes are being seen.  I believe the combination of chemo, my attitude, my support, my alternative supplements and my alternative treatments along with my daily meditations are helping me fight this fight.  My goal is to be cancer FREE!!  So when they go to operate or radiate there will be very little to be found.  Now THAT is a great goal!  Root for me please friends.
I am now home in bed, just about done for the day but did want to take a few minutes to share the day with you.

Clare the Jeweller was there so I did manage to pick up a few of the mini-heart necklaces that some of you have been ordering as a fundraising effort for me - Thank you So Much.  Those who have ordered, please email me again today or tonight with exactly what you ordered and where you would like the shipped.

Five hours later and I'm a walking zombie.  I feel like I am in the "Hunger Games", I've been poked and prodded and my personal groomers have pumped me full of new fangled stuff to make me a better fighter.  Now, I have been thrown into the Arena, with nothing but an iPhone, Nausea Meds and a loving husband for armour.  Five days of fighting, but I'll be the victor wearing the crown at the end, I promise.  Just don't throw too many weird storms, fires or Flacker Jackets or Ghouls at me and I'll be fine.




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