Thursday, 12 July 2012

Following orders

Today being another beautiful day in Sea to Sky country I decided to venture outside for a short bike ride rather than a short walk with my dog.   Now remember, since the chemo my vision has gone crazy making me unsafe to drive a car, so I wasn't sure how riding a bike would go.  Luckily it went well, very slowly without any major falls.  I was weaving all over the road but there were no cars coming, so it was okay.  We only went about four blocks, just enough to give the dog a run (he and Wade ran ahead super fast and waited for me to catch up) and to tire me out for the day.  As you can tell from the photo montage below.  I think it's going to take a few months before I'm back up to any distance on my bike.
Going on a bike Ride!

Taking it very slowly.

Look who fell asleep on the stairs.

Smiles everyone.
One little ride and I'm out like a light on the steps with my Doggie!  The breeze was nice so this was the best place for us to catch a few zzzz's.  After only about 3-4 hrs sleep last night I needed a nap.  I decided last night to not take my sleeping pill (I only want to take them when I'm going through the worst of the chemo side effects), so needless to say I was up until 2 AM putzing around the house with a pounding headache.  When I finally did fall asleep I had the most vicious nightmares - thanks to the Low Dose Naltrexone - which funnily enough I forgot to take yesterday.  I got the nightmares regardless, and they are brutal, can you say crushing of skulls and torture and evil evil stuff!  Sometimes my nightmares (even prior to chemo), have been so terrifying I have woken Wade up with my screams.  Lately even though they are more brutal, I don't seem to be waking up yelling, I just wake up going "what the hell was that", "I just crushed someones head in with a pan!"  Yikes!!

Now if you take a really close peak at the pictures above you will notice something else has changed.  Cup of Coffee to the first person who can guess what it is.  GOOD COFFEE!



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