Friday, 25 January 2013

Sometimes I Feel Like a Nut. Sometimes I Don't.

Today started off with me being very scared for radiation treatment number twenty-two of twenty-eight.  It ended with me sitting here writing this short blog post feeling terrific.

When I left this morning for radiation, I left with a great big smile on my face.  Not because I was happy to be going to radiation, but because I believe having a smile on your face helps.

Radiation itself was no fun, however, afterwards they sent me to see a nurse to help with my burns.  This nurse Jan was an absolute angel.  She was kind and gentle with me.  She could see I was in pain and upset, and she listened to me.  She got me everything I asked for and she even took the time to treat me there with a saline solution that would reduce the burning pain. 

I was so happy to be looked after by her, she made my day, and then my day got better.  I called Dr. Mc to cancel my consultation for the DIEP flap, as I figured since the wait list was so long, I would not be able to choose the procedure, so why waste her and my time. 

When I spoke to the receptionist she assured me that because of the aggressiveness of my cancer, if I was a candidate for DIEP, then they would get me in right away (within two months).  This was great news.  Now I'll have some choices.

But wait!  My day got better.  I just finished writing a huge portion of my book which has been a heavy load on my mind these past few weeks, so I am pumped!!!

Hence me running around singing "sometimes I feel like a nut, sometimes I don't".

Girl!  Don't get me started on what a good mood I'm in right now :-)  Amazing how little things like, being cared for, getting good news and finishing a task can really boost ones mood and outlook on life.

"I think I'm a gonna get me a col pop"................M.E. you might be the only one to get that joke.  LOL!

That's it for me today happy boots and I are signing off.



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