Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Travel with Kids

As suggested by my Oncologist, this past week was a good time for me to take a break before my final A/C chemotherapy and before the beginning of my Tax/Herceptin which will really knock me back.  So we decided to take a quick trip to Las Vegas.  We had considered a cruise out of LA to Mexico or Disneyland but thought Vegas would be the shortest flight time and I would be able to relax by the pool.  Also, the price was very good.

What I didn't know, having only been to Vegas on business in January was how crazy expensive everything was and how insanely hot it would be.  My relaxing pool time was limited to about 5 hrs total in the entire five days due to the sweltering 42+ degrees and it was far from relaxing with the kids "Mummy pleasing" me all the time.  I also could not swim due to my port-a-cath, which I did know ahead of time.

We did rent a car which allowed us the luxury of driving up and down the strip rather than walking in the heat, and we did a day trip to The Hoover Dam.  Now that was HOT!  We had to walk about 1km from where we parked on hot, hot concrete and I swear it was close to 50 degrees out there.  I actually walked to the women's washroom and soaked my shirt and my hat in an attempt to keep cool.  We also went to the Pawn Stars Shop and to the Mob Museum, both of which provided some air-conditioned comfort and a modicum of peace and quiet from the constant fighting of the children.

Let me say without a doubt a five day trip to Vegas with kids is NOT relaxing.  If I wasn't stressing out about them fighting, I was stressing out about the cost of their drinks and meals, I know we have to feed them, but I mean $8 per drink is a little ridiculous and each time we went out to eat it was $100 and Ben was hungry every two hours.  I can truly see the value of bringing them on a cruise where all the food and soft drinks are included Yeah!  Not to mention the kids clubs that they can go to Double Yeah!  As I sit here at the Vegas airport they are sitting beside me still fighting, I don't get it?  Will they ever tire of bugging each other?  Will they ever tire of asking me for stuff, Mum can we have bottled water, Mum can we have magazines, Mum can we have candy - OMG, Mum's loosing her mind.   I am actually looking forward to a few days of peace now after my chemotherapy tomorrow.

So if you are going through chemotherapy and your doctor recommends a little relaxing get away, leave the kids at home where you can miss them and love them and think how much fun it would have been to bring them with you.  You will be nicely rested when you return home to give your little monkeys hugs and kisses.

Vegas baby!


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