Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Extremely Pissed Off

So after going through all this surgery hell it looks like I may not end up with a good result.  My new boob is hard as a rock.  It started hardening two days ago and is now like a river rock sitting glued to my chest wall.  Not only has the breast, which was meant to be soft and natural, hardened, but in doing so it has stuck to my chest wall so my entire right side is basically glued in a position two inches lower than the left side.

Under my armpit it feels like a rock solid mass and I cannot move the breast even when I try to move it manually with my hands.   I just went for a walk around the block which I have managed to do since about four days ago.  The problem is I only managed three quarters of my normal walk and at half the pace I was two days ago.  So my recovery is basically slowing down rather than speeding up.

I have no idea why this new tissue has responded this way, I just know that I am very pissed off about it.  It is painful to breathe, painful to move and so I'm compensating by becoming more and more rigid on the right side to protect it.  What a vicious circle.  The breast now looks like a flattened hamburger bun, only hard.

I see the surgeon today at 4:15 so hopefully she will have a solution to this.  I would be beyond pissed off if I have gone through getting my entire body chopped up and enduring weeks of pain, only to find out that the procedure didn't work and that I'll end up eventually removing the damn thing.

Breast Cancer SUCKS!!!



AMER O said...

But today is better right?? XOOX

Unknown said...

Yes Ann Marie, the surgeon said yesterday that this was normal for radiated skin. It doesn't feel any better, not even slightly, but at least it appears to be nothing to worry about too much. Still, walking around with a rock for a boob, glued to your chest, is no fun.

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