Sunday, 2 December 2012

Here comes the Sun!

Sooooo we've decided, we are going to take that trip to Sunny Climes before the year-end.  Our destination of choice - Huatulco, Mexico.

Why Huatulco?  Well first, my friends Phil and Wes have been there and both rave about it.  However, more importantly it hits all the key points in my short list of what I was looking for at this time.

It's warm (one of the most southern places in Mexico)
It's a direct flight
It has a spectacular beach (although whether the water is warm enough for me we shall see)
It has nice hotels and a quaint village
It's not too Americanized
It's warm (think I said that already)
It's not too far away 

The best thing about this trip is that we are going with friends so we get to share the fun together.

Now being rather anal, I have packed pretty much everything except my undies.  I got myself a really HOT new bathing suit that I can't wait to wear.  It's red which should go exceptionally well with the red sun hat that Debbie gave me.  I've got my shades packed, sunscreen ready to go, now just need to tick down the time until actual lift off.One of the lovely bays in HuatulcoOne of the lovely bays in Huatulco. 

Oh, and my terrific House Sitters are available to come and stay that week, so not only are we set, but so are the dog and cat :-)

10 days and counting!

Woot Woot!


Anonymous said...

Have an amazing time, god knows you deserve it!! Lots of love Ingrid, Todd, Elizabeth & Sarah :)

ashley said...


Amy Remark said...

Awesome, Michelle!!! Have an amazing time :)

Anonymous said...

Stop in Phoenix for a little desert fun and relaxation! Beat Trish to it - she's been promising to visit for 10 years now!! :-)))


AMER O said...

We have some mutual breast cancer friends so I found your blog via them! I am thinking of you and sending you some crazy hard core healthy vibes, even though mine short! Much love to you sister��

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