Monday, 3 December 2012

Paranoia and a Small Favour.

Why is it as humans that the mere suggestion that something is wrong can lead us to imagine every little ache and pain is now related?  I understand that it is natural to do that, I just think it sucks, because it only fuels the fire and makes our worries worse.

So you're thinking, what am I worrying about.  Well, it's my Echo Cardio Gram that I had done on the 22nd of November.  I am supposed to get these done every 3-4 months while on Herceptin to keep an eye on my heart, because Herceptin can damage the heart and its ability to pump blood properly.  Having repeat Echos will show if there has been any change/damage between scans from the Herceptin.

Unfortunately my scan on November 22nd came back showing some damage, so now I have to get another scan right way, prior to my next treatment.  So between the scan results, the shortness of breath and the irregular heart beats I've only had once, I'm a little freaked that my ticker is going to pack it in.  It sure would suck to come all this way just to have that happen.  I guess I'm going to be worried until I know further at my next scan.

So, regarding the photograph above.  I like to have cool photo's in my blog, and in keeping with copyright laws, I couldn't just google a random photo that indicated "worried", so I just took the one above and viola, my own image depicting "worried" ha ha!

Oh and remember I asked for a small favour.  If you look on the Home page of my blog there are two things that will make your receiving this blog easier;

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Thank you in advance,


Sue said...

Hi Michelle,
I follow you by e-mail since the beginning. Often there is a button that ask if we want to be seen as follower, I always click yes cause I know it is fun to see there people reading our blog on a regular basis.
A cardiologist once told me when I asked him about my heart "... yes there is permanent dammage to your heart. But looking at the chemo you had, it is all normal damages."
However normal we want to be after all these treatments, we will never be what we used to be again.
Hope everything will settle down ok for you at the next scan, until then...
enjoy your life at the most!

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