Sunday, 7 July 2013

Cancer Warrior Update

Dear Friends,

We have reached the end of the Cancer Warrior Campaign.  All told we raised a total of $3642.00 from the following sources.

$1823 from the Indiegogo Campaign
$800 in private donations
$1019 raised in the BBQ at The Cutters Barber Shop

This is a solid amount, although only 40% of our goal.  As mentioned in the main campaign page, if we did do not reach our goal, which I sincerely hoped we would, then the funds raised will go first towards the book project and I will work with the local community to help fully fund the "Warrior Bags".

That being said, we will be fully funding the first 30 Warrior Bags as we already have an order for 25 for local cancer patients.  Those will be delivered in late August.

A big Thank you to those of you who contributed and who will be receiving one of the perks, we will send them out as soon as they are ready.  The documentary is expected to be ready by the middle of July.  The Cancer Warrior Handbook should be ready by the end of July (slightly behind schedule).  So please rest assured, you will receive your perk by mid-August at the latest.

If you did not get a chance to contribute and still wish to, you can by clicking on this link:

Thanks again to everyone, especially The Cutters Barber Shop, The Squamish Chief and The Squamish Reporter for helping get the word out.

Keep in touch.


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