Saturday, 6 October 2012

Goodbye Mummy

Today I laid my mother to rest.
Just as the sun was beginning it’s decent to the west.
I stood quite still, overcome with grief
Shocked and in complete disbelief
Holding onto her ashes I thought to myself, how can my mother be gone?
Her life was not meant to be over, don’t you see, this is all wrong.

She was so kind and gentle, so loving and true
Always cheering me up, when I was feeling blue
As I grew older she was constantly there
A silent presence who really cared
This can’t be happening I scream inside,
I still need her, she is my beautiful life guide.

No one is listening don’t they see
This is not how it was supposed to be
I didn’t want my mother to die, not yet, not now
We were not finished
My mother and I
We had dreams and plans and things to do
Now they are dead, gone with you

Losing you has left a big hole in my heart
You were my Mummy, my special one
You loved me and cared for me and held me when I cried
My life has changed now that you have died
I shall miss you forever, every night and every day
My life is not the same now that you have gone away

Goodbye Mummy, God speed
Fly with the angels and pay us no heed
I hope you are happy and in no more pain
I hope you are running in meadows and laughing again
It may not be soon
 but I’ll see you again one day
we’ll laugh and we’ll cry and together we’ll play


Godsgirl100 said...

Wow, you are so talented Michelle, your mom would be so proud of you!! I am so sorry for your loss!! We should have come to her celebration so we could have given you a hug at least but we weren't sure if that was what you would have wanted or not. Even though I had never met your mom, reading your poetry containing so much love for her gives me just a glimpse of the lovely woman she must have been. Take care dear girl!!!

Lorraine Wilson said...

HI Michelle

I am so sorry for your loss! I liked the time I spent with your mom.

I think of you often & include you in my prayers, so even though we don't see each other- you are still cared for. I wish you well in your fight- God Bless!!

Much Love, Lorraine

Michelle Pammenter Young said...

Thanks for the lovely message. I'm not sure how to get through this other than one day at a time. The pain of her loss is so unbelievable.

Michelle Pammenter Young said...

Thank you Lorraine, I think of you often and hope you and the family are well.

Karen Yaremkewich said...

Just reading this now, Michelle! My heart is just breaking for you! I'm so sorry to hear of your loss! There is not a day that goes by that I don't grieve for my Mom. Sending you strength and love! Huge Hugs! Karen, Erik and Katie xo

Michelle Pammenter Young said...

Thank you Karen, I know you can really understand what I'm going through. No fun. Time will hopefully make it better

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