Wednesday, 5 September 2012

New Drugs Today....#1 of 12. Interesting Stuff

Today my friend Chantal drove me in super early to get my chemo.  I had only slept 3 hrs last night so was already exhausted.  Thankfully we had time to have a nice cup of coffee before going into the Chemo Room.  As soon as I met with the nurse I expressed my concern over this new treatment protocol and asked for Ativan.  She said I would be pre-medicated and the Ativan probably wouldn't be needed.

One of the great things about being early for chemo is to get a bed not a chair (which I find very uncomfortable).  I got my port accessed again and some saline dripped in to clear the line and hydrate me.  Then they dripped in 20mg of Steroids!  Within five minutes I was literally climbing the wall.  I again asked for Ativan but was told the Benadryl will put me to sleep.  The problem with Benadryl is that I get super hyper, like an anxiety attack when I take small amounts and here they are dripping a large bag worth of Benadryl - party time - NOT for me.

While all this is dripping in I meet with Dr. S who confirms everything is going well and that the Radiation prior to Surgery and the Tram replacement is the best option for how my cancer has spread.  It will ensure the best success in terms of localized recurrence and the continued Heparin will help prevent recurrence in the blood or bones.  He has provided me with the names of two other clinics if I wished to get a second opinion.

All plugged in

More Drugs to come
After my meeting with him, I go back to my bed and once again request the Ativan, it is finally given to me and I begin to relax.  So, they start the Taxol.  I guess I was blessed because I had none of the allergic reactions side affects they spoke of.  To be honest it was fine, no nasty metallic taste and smell that the Adriamyacin (Tigers Blood) had and I didn't start to feel immediately sick.  Taxol took 1 hour and then the dripped in the Heparin over 1.5 hours.  Again, no bad reaction.  My body is behaving as it should.  Dr. S said my cancer has already responded to the A/C treatment with may have more side affects, but when it comes to the Taxol and Herceptin treatments, they are "da bomb" for my kind of cancer.  They aught to decimate it :-)

By the time I'm all said and done it's 2pm and I've had a nice little snooze.  My sister picks me up and is very kind in that she has offered to come and stay the night with me to watch how I am. Most of the side effects will start tomorrow through Saturday, although I am not going to get them RIGHT!!!

We came home and I slept for a while then had some yogurt and slept some more.  Then a quick dog walk followed by a lovely healthy dinner - all organic and delicious, Thanks Annelle.  After dinner we watched the movie Amelie, it was really good.  Now it's time for bed.  All in all, I'm happy for this day and hope to have a good one again tomorrow.

Spoke to an 8 year IBC survivor today.  I can do 8 if not 10 or more years!  Just takes determination, grit, persistence and courage!

You go girl!


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